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Currently working on: 6 more spells: Strike, Blessed Shell, Animated roots, Lightning, Soul Drain and Raise Dead
70% Done

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6th September 2020 by Ravenis

Theme system is now done.

So, New theme system is now done, and I think it is pretty cool.
Here is video about it:

Also new short gameplay video is out( it is in media page too ):


1st September 2020 by Ravenis

New theme system, more options and UI fixes.

Half of the spells are done now, but I decided to overhaul theme system and do much fancier options system.
Hadelmia MMORPG project Here is the new options panel.
Tons of themes to chooce from and you can modify color and such from options.

You can also change the font of the game.

Also i started the Video blog on youtube. Here is the link to the channel: Link




5th August 2020 by Ravenis

More spells and abilities to come.

I continue to add content, and next update will include more abilitites, techniques and spells.
Hadelmia MMORPG project Strike: Basic melee strike that can be used by anyone without any specific skills. Adds minimum weapon damage to total damage.
Hadelmia MMORPG project Soul drain: Drains life from the enemy.
Hadelmia MMORPG project Blessed shell: Buff that boosts your armor.
Hadelmia MMORPG project Lightning: Causes lightning damage, more range and damage than Fireball, but uses more mana and longer cooldown.
Hadelmia MMORPG project Animated roots: Keeps your target still.
Hadelmia MMORPG project Raise dead: Revives dead to fight by your side.


23th July 2020 by Ravenis

Milkable cows and huge fix patch to the pet system.

Cows are here Hadelmia MMORPG project
When they have been in the pen long enough Hadelmia MMORPG project you can milk them by using empty cansHadelmia MMORPG project
After milking cans will have "M" indicator Hadelmia MMORPG project

I put changelog here also this time:

Version 0.4 RC2 v1.5 - Cows and pals patch
-First batch of mob variations includes, rats, large rats and cows.
-Starting to add content, so several type of cows are here! Gives lots of options to add for baking (cooking).
-(Bulls will be there later. So will be breeding).
-Fixed bug when pets just disappeared after server restart.
-Added cow milking, works almost as same way as sheep shearing, tame a cow, pen it, wait it to produce milk and milk it.
-Fixed shearing (Yes, it was broken).
-Added craftable empty can, can be used for milk storing.
-Fixed visual glitch when inventory turned briefly white when stacking items.
-Fixed a bug when crafting used whole stacks of materials instead of just decreasing right amount of stack size.
-Fixed pet production timer when penned. Also timer saving on server side.
-Neutral animals will now defend themselves if attacked.
-Shearing skill is now named to Animal Husbandry, this skill will handle all animal related productive actions like shearing and milking.
-Switched skinning and taming skills to mouse RIGHT button. Skinning with SHIFT and taming with CONTROL pressed.
-Fixed fancy magical item naming system, also added it to items in stash (bank).
-Fixed NPC X-coordinate offset error, (sometimes they appeared to be 1 tile to the right of their real position.
-Fixed annoying inputbox behavior when you tried to type to it, and your character started to move, or do some other stuff.
-Fixed glitch when TOP and TOPMOST windows stayed on top when activating other programs on top of the Hadelmia window.
-Optimized item lookup, generating and deleting routines (this will greatly improve item handling on server side).
-Many other minor fixes.


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