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13th July 2021 by Ravenis

Incoming Grafting/Gathering and Economy Update Part 1

Part 1 will add many base systems to economy and crafting.

Feature list in this update:

-Time based crafting, higher tier and better items takes more time to craft. Done
-Added Crafting slot to inventory. Done
-Tool quality effects to craft success chance. Done

-Herb spawning. Done

-Fixed log(info) screen announce when item takes damage. Done
-New resources to gather and produce and new items to craft. Partially Done

1. Leather
2. Thick Leather
3. Iklorika(some herb for testing the herbalism system)
4. Tannery Tools
5. Tinker Tools

-Tools can wear out now (get condition loss). Done
-Time based wear out for utilities like torches. Done
-City resource stock. Resources will be saved in database. Done
-City will be using the stock resources to build more weapons, tools and such. Not yet started
-When player sell resource to vendor it goes to city stock. Done
-You can see city resources by interacting with the Settler. Done
-Balanced items buy and sell prices. Partially Done
-Gleene(Currency) is now indicated with Ǥ character instead of gl. Done

Inventory and Interface
-Fixed double click use/equip on inventory. Done
-Added Missiles(Ammunition) slot to inventory for future use. Done
-Added item Destroy option to right click inventory menu. Done
-Get rid off inventory flickering problems. Done
-List based market screen, instead of old and clumsy vendor interface. Done
-Fixed crafting menus top order problem(stayed on top when switched out of hadelmia). Done
-Fixed problem when main window stayed behind other windows's after launch. Done

-Added Herbalism skill(you can now collect the herbs). Done
-Added Avoiding skill(will increase your dodge rating). Done
-Added Tinkering skill(for tools and such). Done
-Added Tanning skill(for making leathers from hides). Done
-Added Efficiency skill(decreases overall crafting time). Done
-Added multiplier(difficulty) to skills, which determinates total amount of points needed for theory skilling. Done
-Changed name of the Lumberjacking skill to Wood Cutting. Done

Other updates and fixes
-Fixed static spawned NPC's/Gameobject's spawn failure in some rare cases. Done
-Added Life, Mana and Stamina indicators to character making screen. Done
-Added option to chooce number of used logical processors. Done

First version ( of this update will be out in couple of days.

Screenshot and short videos:

Settlement Stock
Hadelmia MMORPG project

New vendor/market window, with categories and sorting

New time based crafting


9th July 2021 by Ravenis

Pet control panel, A.I. improvements and lag fixes

Following commands for pets are now working
Hadelmia MMORPG project

Also Mob and pet A.I. has been tweaked so you just can't put your pet in the rampage and let it kill mobs without them reacting to it.

Some lagging and poor hit indicator image drawing has been fixed.


13th June 2021 by Ravenis

Better dungeon generation

Optimized dungeon generation and changed the algorithm to connect the caves (rooms) more efficiently.
This quarantees dungeons to be bigger and more area to explore.

Hadelmia MMORPG project


1st June 2021 by Ravenis

Inventory changes

Inventory is getting improvements:
Hadelmia MMORPG project
Couple screen of item info what appears when mouse is over an item:
Hadelmia MMORPG project Hadelmia MMORPG project
Also left mouse click on item now open context menu where are all option what were on button before.

These changes will be on next version 0.4 RC3 1.5.9


12th April 2021 by Ravenis

New options and polished options window

New options for NPC info panel and UI locking is now working.
UI lock will lock main, info log, chat, inventory and hotbar so you can't move them by accident.
Screenshot of the new options window:
Hadelmia MMORPG project
Also made some changes to Hadelmia's window behavior generally so it won't be top of other applications when it should be on background.
Config reseting also now works like it should be, and client also will reset properly when it detects too old config file. This prevents client from working totally.

Login issues seems to be solved now. Which is great news, those bugs mainly was the reason to delayed alpha release.
Still couple of server crash issues to be solved and then it should be time to release an alpha!


8th April 2021 by Ravenis

UI tuning and Hello from new home

I'm now living in a new home and after couple of days rest, work has been continued.
UI got tons of bug fixes and completion of half made features.

UI lock is now working and font sizing is effecting every component in the game.
Some windows had a problem to vanish behind of the main window, that should be fixed too.
Window handling is now more responsive.
Also made the right clikc player action menu for tame, skin, pen, unpen, shear and milk.


27th March 2021 by Ravenis

Login system overhaul

I decided to remake whole login system due to unstable old system.
It seems to be working quite well, homever it hasn't been stress tested yet.

Also im moving to new place in 4 days, and after that I'll be working full time again.


23th January 2021 by Ravenis

Bug fixes, stability and optimization

Hello again.
With couple active testers, I've been optimizing, adjusting formulas and crushing bugs for a week now.
Things are looking good, and I'm finally able to start adding more content too.


17th January 2021 by Ravenis

Quest fixes and additions

Added quest status and remaining monsters to kill to questlog.
Generally fixed lot of questlog issues and disconnect when finishing some quests.


12th January 2021 by Ravenis

Level up system fixes, more news on server stability

There has been now more players and testing.
Server is not completely stable yet, but looks very promising considering that it has been ages since last real test.
Login is also quite bomb proof at the moment and is not causing troubles to other players online.


16th December 2020 by Ravenis

Login process improvements

Login process has now failsafe code and looping if it fails.
Hopefully this will end problems with it.


8th December 2020 by Ravenis

Solved Windows right problems when installed under Program Files or some system folder

New Updater (Install Hadelmia again!). Same right problems prevented it to overwrite old files when unpacking the update.
Updater.exe is needing admin rights for overwriting files when updating, and Hadelmia.exe for writing config files on a drive, nothing else.
Windows will ask if you want to grant the rights for Updater.exe and Hadelmia.exe or not (Depending of your User Account Control settings, if it is off, then it won't).


1st December 2020 by Ravenis

Finished theme system and options

Theme system is now done and tuned.
Options include now possibility to randomize actual theme, it's font and colors.
Here is an example of totally randomized theme:
Hadelmia MMORPG project
Also did some final adjustments and UI fixes before the stress test.
Plan is to post stress test day to as many social media platform as possible and hopefully it will bring lots of people at the same time.

Stay tuned, I will post the test day date soon!


28th November 2020 by Ravenis

Hadelmia is still alive! No worries

I have had very stressful IRL events, and due those events I haven't been able to focus almost to anything.
Anyway, IRL is now more sorted out and i'm going to continue this project as always.

New small update includes 'Remember Password' option and many small Interface fixes.


6th September 2020 by Ravenis

Theme system is now done

So, New theme system is now done, and I think it is pretty cool.
Here is video about it:

Also new short gameplay video is out( it is in media page too ):


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