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Latest News

Stability and performance
Lots of performance tweaks and stability fixes, both on server and client side.
I know it is still not alpha, but server particularly was way too unstable and slow for it.
So i decided to take some time to improve it.

It's looking promising now.

Archived News

Account management work
I have been working on web account management system.
It now includes simple account creation, email verification and password reseting.

That is all we need for the alpha anyway.
I just need to implement it to actual game. It shouldn't take too long.
Simple web based account management
There is also no the page where you can check server status. Server status
See you on Hadelmia discord o/

Alpha release soon here!
It is soon the alpha time. Version 0.4 will be the actual alpha release.
Just quick test session with people on discord. Skill learning speed is now very fast, so testing is more fluid and...fast.

If everything goes smoothly, alpha will be out in couple days.
There will be full account and character wipe also for the alpha.
Final thing before the launch to be made is the new account system anyway (this means, autoaccount will be removed and password added to accounts).
So i hope everyone is up for some testing, and will find last bugs, and problems to be solved before 0.4a.

New features

Lights, antialiasing and anisotropic filtering
Lights and filtering
Added some nice graphical stuff like lights and LOS calculated by them.

Incoming features and changes

New layout
Hadelmia new layout
New UI visual look, wooden theme. Gives a nice touch to the UI and is much better than the very depressing total black and blunt style.
Loads of improvements to the UI generally.

Much more stable database code, mysql routines overhaul.

New music, new sounds(very high quality fantasy themed sounds).

Lots of new graphics, icons and items.

New spells and abilities.

AI improvements and first steps towards a total living world AI.
First phase of the living world A.I. (Random camp making done)
The meaning of living world is to make the world run independently, imagine a situation where you are a thief looking for the opportunity to steal something.
Well, with the living world AI you can do that.
Scenario: You see orcs in the woods, they are just about to make a camp and get some sleep. Orcs will actually make that camp in the spot they are currently in.
They will make camp fire, put sleeping bags in place, also put some items in their stash chest (chest is your target ofcourse).
You can now wait until most of the orcs are asleep, they will leave guard in place too for sure.
But maybe you shoot that guard with a tranquilizer dart, and wait till he/she is asleep too, or wait until the guard is making his/her patrol, and is out of sight. Then you use the stealth ability to make your way to the stash.
The stash is maybe locked too, or not, you never know. If it is, you need to lockpick it too. Maybe you will fail and make some noise and some of the orc or orcs will hear you doing it, and you know what happens then. You probably need to run and vanish in the darkness.
But after a successful lockpicking, you can get nice loot with little trouble. Nice scenario is it not? :)

This is just one cool feature the new living world AI will provide. Everything in the game will be done by AI, nothing will be scripted, ok, scripting provides very complex and cool looking scenarios, but generally it is just repeating same thing all over again.
Living world will not repeat anything basically.
This is a very ambitious goal to make work, but it is a unique feature to have.
It will be lot of work, but I'm confident to be able to make it work.
Stay tuned here or on discord for more info!.

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You can join the test team or just come and chat at
Hadelmia discord
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