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World item spawning and herbalism profession
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23.03.2020 by Ravenis

Website vulnerability and bug fixes

I fixed the worse vulnerabilities on the website, also generally improved website security a lot.

As from now, I continue to work on the Hadelmia server and client again.

15.03.2020 by Ravenis

"Hacking" attemps, security updates and encryption improvements

Server was under attack few days ago :(
There was admin account bruteforce login tries from 7 IP's.
IP's were from Vietnam, South Africa and Pakistan, probably bot network, but i still decided to report them to Malware Bytes if they want to investigate it more.

All certificates are now trusted and legit.
Remote desktop connection has been rewamped and hopefully it wont be a problem anymore.
Also I disabled TLS 1.0 - 1.1 on server due to it's vulnerabilities and old encryption methods, minimum TLS version your browser must support is 1.2 now.

I hope these improvements helps to prevent this in a future.

09.03.2020 by Ravenis

Server is up and running again

Server is up and stable again.
It will be up 24/7 now, and everyone is welcome to test it.
CU in there!

28.02.2020 by Ravenis

It has been a while, but I'm back in business!

It has been a while since i had a time to focus on Hadelmia completely, but i'm back to it again.

I tuned some TLS and certification stuff on server side. Time will tell did i manage to fix some random SSL errors and instabilities.
Also cipher list and security is now even stronger and faster.

I'm also planning to keep next stress test really soon. Trying to get as much people as possible to test in same time.
Hopefully reddit, facebook and twitter will work as planned and will get many new testers.

I will post new info here in next couple of days.

Stay tuned and don't forget to join to Hadelmia discord

There is also brand new version out v0.4 RC1.871 with some bug fixes, new Updater and Installer.

27.11.2019 by Ravenis

Lots of login issues solved on Version 0.4 RC1.863

-Login is now quite stable, doesn't seem to cause disconnects to other players anymore.
-Map loading final version on login, and it is fast.
-Server stability improvements, doesn't crash or get stuck after possible errors.
-Skills max theory level is now 6.
-Trade skills are now gaining when selling or buying items.
-Fixed couple visual glitches on inventory screen.
-Server save process is now faster and more stable, and many realtime DB updates like skill gains has been moved to save procedure.
-Fixed bug when you couldn't use any spellbooks and learn any spells.

20.11.2019 by Ravenis

Major version 0.4 RC1.8

New major update is now out, and requiring lot of testing. Please help me to find bugs, glithes and other oddities. Also all suggestions will be reviewed.

Hadelmia MMORPG project
-Info log has now separated tabs for different actions.
-Default window positions and sizes should make more sense now. They are now defined by screen size (need testing).
-General cleaning of the code. Lot of optimizations and improvements.
-Once a mob strikes you, the game checks which part of your body the blow hits, the armor on that area will be damaged.
-You can now repair your items on vendor (cost is defined by item quality and damage).
-Spell and Item systems overhauled (better and faster code on server side). -Stackable resource items.
-Crafting system overhauled, including now support for stacking resource items.
-Memory optimization, client now frees memory aggressively, after logon and ~30 seconds usage is around 100MB.
-Fixed several memory leaks.
-Fixed stiff and warping movement.
-Skin selector. Located in options menu. Default style is "FalloutStyle" style. Other good canditate is "HeroesStyle".
-Buff/Debuff icons.
-Buff/Defuff information panel.
-New target and npc infos.
-Main" Windows can't be located outside of the screen bounds (should prevent them to disappear out of reach).
-All around nicer look, and debug information has been removed.
-Item qualities, will increase/decrease stats by it.
-Item durability, will increase/decrease stats by it (keep your gear repaired).
-Item repairing, depending of your skills, items will lose max durability and quality levels eventually.
-Items will take damage, and so every item will get destroyed in the end, keeping also economy fresh someday.
-Item crafting quality, skills are effectting to it. Crafted item is always minimum of decent quality.
-Hit indicators are now showing for a second.
-Windows snapping is now more accurate.
-Skills are divided to Theory and Practice skills. (Theory will be learned by time and practice by using).
-Skill effect is combine of Theory and Practice part of it.
-Spell mastery will increase by using them.
-Sheeps will stay dead when they are killed (bastards didn't die, only got shored).
-Title bar now shows information about your character, like EXP, Stats, damage etc. and Theory skill training time.
-Client is now using more GPU instead of CPU.
-Some Monster LOS improvements.
-Added shortcut keys for most used windows.
-You can drag windows from anywhere of the form. (Not only from title/caption bar).
-You can close windows by right clicking on it.
-Fixed wrong attributes for some item types.
-Cleaned iteminfo panels.
-Refreshing an inventory after moving the inventory window.
-Deselect target by right clicking your character.
-Server side crash fixes and omptimizations.
-Login is again slightly faster.
-Web links on a main menu will be opened with your default browser now.
-Changed font in a hurry since to end of support of the previous one. Current: Book Antiqua.
-Completed the database code to use the FireDac.
-Improvements to the updater, it now shows version info, also download and updating progress.
-Some minor fixes and improvements I don't remember.

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